# Camping les buis Ariège

Bienvenue au Camping les Buis Ariège 




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Close to the famous Cathare castle Montségur, at 511 meter high, you will find our campsite Les Buis.

The campsite is located in the commune Fougax and Barrineuf.

Located on the river Hers, you can enjoy the peace and beauty of nature.

We have yourtes, in which you feel like a nomad king/queen.

On our Green campsite, where you can hear the birds whistle, you feel completely free.

Come for a romantic and quiet holiday in the free nature in the Ariège.



Forfait pitch per night for 2 persons, tent, caravan or camper                        

Pitch without electricity                                                                                          12€  

Pitch comfort with electricity                                                                                16€

extra persons                                                                                                                  3€

extra tent on the same spot                                                                               2.50€

Children under 3 years                                                                                           Free

Animals, mandatory recent vaccination card                                              Free



Chalet The Fox: 3 sleeping places                                 

Forfait The Fox per night 1 to 3 persons                                                          N.D

Forfait The Fox per week 1 to 3 person                                                          250€


Chalet the Forrest runner 5 sleeping places

Forfait the Forrest runner per night 1 to 5 persons                                     N.D

Forfait dthe Forrest runner per week 1 to 5 persons                                280€


Caravan Bahia des Buis up to 4 sleeping places

Forfait Bahia per night 1 to 2 persons                                                               N.D

Extra person                                                                                                                   3€

Children under 3 years                                                                                          Free

Forfait Bahia per week 1 to 4 persons                                                            190€


Caravan Starlett up 2 sleeping places

Forfait Stalett per night 1 to 2 persons                                                             N.D

Forfait stalett per week 1 to 4 persons                                                            190€



Tente Mayotte: 4 sleeping places

Forfait Mayotte per night 1 to 4 persons                                                          N.D

Forfait Mayotte per week 1 to 4 persons                                                       190€


Tourist tax not included.